2017 Schedule

Broker Expo Leeds opens!
Networking in Exhibition Hall
PANEL: Meet the CEOs and senior managers – delivering broker and insurer relationships in the local market
Hear from our experts and take the chance to quiz them on the issues affecting the region.
They will share their views on everything from the state of the local economy to recruitment and regulation.
Topics that will be investigated by the panel also include:
  • The level of insurer service and communication flows locally in particular access to underwriters
  • If technology is enabling better relationships or causing pitfalls – how it can work for all
  • Whether insurers are delivering bespoke products and services for the strong local sectors
  • What changes they believe are coming next in the insurer-broker dynamic and how to grab the opportunities that will be on offer
  • The most professional way to bring all this together to deliver the best solutions and services to clients.
Joe Henderson, CEO, Henderson Insurance Brokers
Simon Mabb, managing director, Romero Insurance Brokers
Tim Mortimer, regional director, Bluefin
Mark Thomas, branch sales director, Lorica Insurance Brokers
Richard Pitt, chief network officer, Broker Network
Morning refreshments and networking in Exhibition Hall
The Business Case for Innovation – InsurTech and the Future of Broking
We all know that innovation presents a myriad of challenges and opportunities, and that InsurTech is driving forward real and meaningful change in our sector. But what do you really need to get to grips with to understand how innovation can enhance your business, and how will it impact the future of your work?
This session digs deeper into the business case for innovation, and the best strategies to embrace in order to drive improvements in your business:
  • Exploring the emerging innovation trends so that you can stay one step ahead of the competition.
  • Setting out the opportunities that exist, and what you need to be aware of.
  • What are the best strategies to embrace innovation and channel it for a better customer experience?
  • How can innovation help you to meet customer needs and expectations, particularly as these continue to shift and evolve?
  • Discussing how you can overcome the business challenges of integrating new innovations into existing legacy systems.
  • Examining how is BIBA supporting the broking community to determine which are the best opportunities to pursue.
  • Predicting how we will be using InsurTech in five years’ time, to give you the insights to invest in the most promising technologies.
Andy Thornley, head of corporate affairs, BIBA
Lunch and networking
An audience with Shaun Edwards, former rugby player and motivational speaker!
PANEL: Meet the CEOs and senior managers – Client service and the region’s economy
This business-useful content has been designed to analyse numerous issues that touch the everyday working life of Yorkshire brokers.
It is your chance to learn together as our panellists tackle topics ranging from the diverse local economy to the ever changing expectations and needs of clients.
The audience will be welcome to pose their key questions as the panel offers insight in the debate about:
  • How they recruit staff into the broking industry
  • What Yorkshire can do to attract experienced employees to the region
  • The best ways to run training programmes for brokers
  • The professional approach to developing knowledge of market needs and products to deliver the best service for clients
  • The key techniques for solid relationships with clients that boost retention rates
  • Delivering a digital customer-focused strategy for customers
  • The state of the UK economy and local differences – the sectors that are strong in Leeds and Yorkshire more widely
  • The business opportunities that could emerge and grow in coming years
  • What Brexit could mean for the region.
Tony O’Gara, regional managing director, central, Towergate
Michael Eardley, director, professions, PIB Insurance Brokers
Nick Houghton, group managing director, JM Glendinning Insurance Brokers
Jon Newall, principal, Lockyers
Afternoon refreshments and networking in Exhibition Hall
Close of Broker Expo Leeds 2017


For general questions about the conference programme and how to become a speaker, please contact:
Laura Maxwell-Bernier
senior conference producer
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